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Basic Facts


As I already said, my name is Anesa Hosein. As far as I know, Anesa and Hosein are both Muslim names. I'm not entirely sure what Anesa means, but someone once told me, it was associated with friendship.


I'm 19 at the moment, I'll be 20 come next June 23rd. My life has been great so far, so, I can't wait to see what the next 19 years will hold.


Height and other measurements:

Well, unfortunate to say, I'm only 162 cm tall. Well, I could give you some other facts and measurements about myself, but it really isn't so flattering so, I'll just skip it for now.

Family members:

Well, my father is Azim Hosein, he's 50, my Mum is Veena nee Bocas and she will be 43 in December (she won't be too please that I'm advertising this fact all over the web). I have one sister, Amalia and one brother, Ritchie Ansari. He's the only person in our house with a middle name. Well, as you may have guessed I'm the youngest, but I really ain't no brat.

Where I was born:

Well, I was born at the San Fernando Medical Home in Trinidad and Tobago, and that I guess makes me a Trinidadian. Well, after having my brief welcome at that Medical Home, I was transported to my real home in Clarke Road, Penal, which is in South Trinidad. A nice quiet countryside town.

Countries I have visited and lived in:

Well, as you should know from up to this point, I was born in Trinidad and lived there for 10 years of my live, and never visited any country otherwise, except for Tobago, Trinidad neighbouring sister island when I was about seven, and it was the very first time I had ever traveled in a plane. So, while I was in Trinidad, I attended the Clarke Road Hindu School, and it was during my last academic year, my father got another job, and we were whisked away to the Republic of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (1990). Well, in St. Vincent for the first nine months we lived there, we lived in a place called Ratho Mill, and then we moved to Cane Garden. Well, I attended the Kingstown Preparatory School, when I stayed there, and after writing Common Entrance in both St. Vincent and Trinidad, I found out that I had passed for the St. Vincent Girls' High School and in Trinidad for the Penal Junior Secondary School. Well, I attended the St. Vincent Girls' High School for obvious reason, where we stayed until I completed fourth form and then we moved here to Guyana in 1994 where I attended Queen's College. For the first month in Guyana, we stayed at Hotel Tower and then we found a house in Republic Park where we are still living at up to this day.

While we were living in St. Vincent, I visited Barbados twice, once in 1991 and once in 1992, both for three weeks. Then in 1993, I visited Venezuela and Colombia, and in 1994, I visited Venezuela only. In 1998, I visited Suriname, but only the town opposite to Guyana, Nickerie. Oh! I forgot to say that the island of St. Vincent has many little islands attached to it and I visited Bequia one of these islands which make up the Grenadines, quite regularly.

My best friends and other friends:

Well, my best friends has and I think will always will be Marisela and Anali, who are fraternal twins I met in St. Vincent. Next to them my other best friend is my sister Amalia. My other good friends include, Anika, Melissa Bacchus, Tonya Fraser, Roseanne Knights, Kowlessar Misir, Chandroutie Seeram and Sushma Sathyaprakash.


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