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Monday, 21 January 2008
Back to work ...
Mood:  cool
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Topic: Data Collection

Well, after my Christmas break I'm back at the OU ... whilst the Christmas break may seem long - I seemed to be occupied after New Years doing mostly my PhD work unfortunately (or fortunately). I collected two more observations - so got four more - but have decided to do back any observations where students scored less than 5 - because it's skewing my data - so that is an additional 2 observations! Oh well, they would have to get done. Also, Allison have put me in touch with 2 students from Cambridge who would be willing to participate in the study - so that's good. Although Amalia was suggesting that I collect data for the additional 2 persons who were UK students so, that might mean that I need 8 more observations - but would see what happens. I think what I could do for the 2 persons from the UK do the additional 2 observations (that will work as well since I wanted the additional students to do back glass-box and I'm missing glass-box observations for UK students) and let Amalia get me the other 4 and then proceed from there. That might be more useful.

Anyway, analyse my data for 32 students (although 1 will have to drop when I do my final analysis as I lost the voice data for him - got three additional from Trinidad but dropped J. from this analysis because her results were skewing my data) - but analysed it thoroughly - didn't find any difference however - but will figure what to do about that at some later stage but did write some preliminary analysis and thoughts about it for my PME paper - not sure if it was enough - but will see the comments from the reviewers and see what happens.

Posted by prejudice at 3:19 PM GMT

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