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Friday, 1 February 2008
Moved my blog
Mood:  a-ok
I've moved this blog to a wordpress blog ... because it is better :) ... Here the link for my blog:

Posted by prejudice at 3:23 PM GMT
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Wednesday, 30 January 2008
2nd day at yuwie ( )
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: I'll remember (Madonna)
Topic: Internet fun things

Right, so still at Yuwie ... still hating the adverts. However, when I returned home and checked my inbox, there was a pile of mails from Yuwie ... 8 persons had made comments on my profile. Most were trying to drive you to their profile so they can get views under the pretext of giving you guidance on how to behave on Yuwie and earn money. Some were saying how to advertise such as banners, placing in adverts on the internet as classifieds etc. to get 'new' friends who would act as referrals.

Not sure to what extent this actually constitute a social networking website anymore. There were other notes on how to make sure you have a picture and create a themed blog to drive people to your profile.

Anyway, I was debating to myself whether I should send an invite to all my friends ... and I've realised that it was the lure of the almighty dollar that was causing me to act that way, because I NEVER send invites to all my friends because I just think of it as a junk-mail. I only send it to people I think might find it useful. So, with the lure of money still hanging over my head, I did send an invitation to my siblings and three other friends via email - asked them to join but also pointed out the problems with the website. Interesting question to myself, is this a business scheme that is being developed or a true social networking? Is it the lure of money that is driving the 'creation' of friendships? Is there any friendships being creating in Yuwie at all? I'll keep you posted to see what happens.

Oh yeah and remember my referral is:  ... the lure of money holds me strongly it seems ... hmmm ... got to guard against that. Perhaps we can test whether the "Love of money is the root of all evil".

Posted by prejudice at 1:05 PM GMT
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Tuesday, 29 January 2008
Yuwie - general overview (
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: It's All Coming Back To Me Now (Celine Dion)
Topic: Internet fun things

So, came across this new social networking website on the internet ... actually really it was someone who was spamming facebook - so found it and decided to follow it and see what it was about. There was a cute guy telling you all about Yuwie was - so sat down and listen to it. It all sounded too good to be true really, basically there is a pyramid scheme in which users can earn money by number of page views. Basically they calculate the RSR (Revenue Sharing Rate) at each month and for every 1000 page views you accumulate you can get a percentage of the RSR.

The pyramid scheme works in such a way that you can earn RSR from up to ten levels of your friends' page views ... Therefore, it is often worth the while of a person to ensure that they have lots and lots of 'friends'. Hence the 'spamming' of people to ask them to join under their referral (by the way if you want to help me test this out ... my referral is :D - might earn some money for myself during this Phd - if this works out :P)....

Anyway, I have to say the site itself at first reminded me of hi5 but other people says it look sort of like myspace ... and on reflection think it looks more like myspace. But for a social-networking website it pales in comparison to facebook by far ... I think it is even worse than Myspace. I think the most annoying thing of this site is the adverts (although I think they expect you to accept or bare with it - because in their spiel they indicate it is through adverts that they earn money!). Almost anything you do, they'll give you a page with an advert which you have to skip and the most annoying is that it sometimes forget the original information you put it. And then there are the annoying flashing and blinking and sometimes talking adverts on the sides - they're certainly conspicuous!

It has a horrible red colour to it ... which just makes you feel angry - although you can change or create your templates like in hi5 and myspace. I cannot in good mind recommend this as a good social networking website - it feels a bit clunky and the pictures it uploads are not of very good quality ...

Right will give updates on how it proceeds ... I'll try and see what happens - you can help me by joining to see how the referral scheme goes ... but don't have to - because got to say I don't like the site so much ... But there is an Open University school group (with only 2 persons! - myself and someone else) ...

Posted by prejudice at 9:57 AM GMT
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Thursday, 27 September 2007
Waiting for it warm up
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Potential Breakup Song (Aly and AJ)
Topic: Milton Keynes
So, it's a bit cold right now ... I got up 6:30 got ready at 7 ... and was planning to walk to the OU but it just felt too cold ... so, decided to wait a bit and see if it will warm up ... I could drive but figure should take every opportunity to exercise. I think it has warmed up sufficiently now - so heading out :D.

Posted by prejudice at 8:05 AM BST
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Google Maps has new cool feature!!
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Picture This (Blondie)
Topic: Internet fun things
So, went to check out the route for a trip between Northampton and Milton Keynes (was planning on going on the upcoming BSRLM conference) ... on google maps ... and discovered now you can move around the route to choose which roads you want to use it ... that is so great!! Because I always prefer the nice quiet scenic country roads rather than the dual-carriageways and most of those direction programmes never let you choose that, but now with this feature in google maps ... you can!! They really do know what people want ... I mean the ability to drag the map and see where you want to go rather than clicking arrows (as in other irritating programmes such as from the AA and RAC) is brilliant ... and the ability to do satellites look as well is great!! Especially with me who really want to see how confusing the highway interchange or roundabout is :D

Posted by prejudice at 8:02 AM BST
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Tuesday, 24 July 2007
Dream last night
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Weeping (Josh Groban)
Topic: Dreams

I had quite a crazy dream last night ... I dreamt I went to UWI and there was a protest ... not sure what the protest was for ... but what I gathered from my dream it was not a student issue but I decided to join into the protest since I thought I should support then ... and then appeared a dog that looked like Milo from The Mask ... and he started barking at me and then trying to nip my heels which caused me to run ... whilst everyone thought this was funny and started laughing ... so I began running from the dog and he ran behind me, and he grabbed (God alone knows how!) my jacket - the one with the fur trim (why I'm wearing a jacket in a hot country .... I'm not certain) ... anyway, the dog grabbed it and I gave it to him and he swallowed it whole and all there was remaining, was the fur trim sticking outside of his mouth. That's when I knew the dog meant business ...

So, I ran to this building and got in and shut the door but was quite afraid that the dog could still open the door (I think for some reason I thought he could turn handles) ... anyway, as it turned out it was some kind of lab and there was some guy in it (who wasn't good-looking - not my type - that's an important bit of information) who asked me what was going on and then proceeded to comfort me and assure me that the dog can't get in ... and then for some reason got around to talking about what he does (beside be in UWI I guess) and indicate he runs a car park and it is a family business and that I should come visit some time ... and somewhere during that conversation I told him that I wanted to indicate to him he wasn't my type ... and I think he said that wasn't why he asked me (or something to that effect). Anyway, for some reason I was then in Penal with some intention of going to see his car park but first wanted to get him something so, went to some shops (whcih looked decidingly as if there were in Kingstown, St. Vincent) not sure what I got but have an impression it was food ... and then went to meet him at the car park where he was handing out tickets to people. And somewhere around there is when I woke up.

Now the startling thing is ... in the dream I definitely saw the guy's face and I definitely did not like his appearance etc. however, because he sort of 'saved' or 'comforted' me I sort of think I developed a liking for him and hence the reason for going to visit him at the car park ... so, that's my dream. It seems a bit scary that I can like someone who I couldn't care for in the first place but because he was a nice guy I then started to like him ... probably my mind trying to tell me something? :D

Posted by prejudice at 2:04 PM BST
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Monday, 18 June 2007
Interesting things .... Sailing trip
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Red River Valley (Michael Martin Murphey)
Topic: Events

Well ... went on the sailing trip ... and that was quite fun. We didn't arrive on Friday till about 6/7 pm I think ... by the time we got settled into the boat we then decided to motor up from Woolverstone Marina up to Shotley Marina as we were planning on having dinner there at the Shipwreck restaurant. We had to hurry since we thought the restaurant took last orders at 9:15 (Roger had to call the restaurant to see what time) ... we were slightly worried but we made it there for about 9 ... but at the Shotley marina there is a lock. Quite interesting. The boat has to go through a flood gate which is then closed and water is added in (it was low tide) from the marina to raise its level until it equalises and then the boat (yacht or whatever) can then motor in and berth. We had to stabilize the boat in the floodgates with boat hooks (and I had to do it - and no clue what I was doing but it worked!!)

Well, we were worried since filling up the lock took a long while but the guy on duty tried to fill it up as fast as possible for us since we told him we were trying to make it to the restaurant. Tina and Linda sort of left Roger and I to deal with the mooring as they hurried to the restaurant. As we were sailing into our berth (is that what is is called??) - some guy just say me standing uncertainly at the bow and asked if we needed help ... and Roger said yes ... so, I didn't have to do anything.

As it turned out ... last orders were being taken from 9:30 ... so, we had some more time than we anticipated :).

We stayed there overnight and the next morning I was going up to the bathrooms ... I was trying to fix my sandals when my glasses popped out of my face, bounced off the pier where I was standing and then went into the water and I stood there watching it ... sink further and further with a flabbergasted look and not doing anything about it. So, didn't have my glasses ... Roger tried to see if he could fetch it out with a boat hook but to no avail - it was just too deep (and as this was a lock - there was no possibility of saying I could wait till low tide!) ... anyway, I know where exactly where my glasses is ... it's between berth F35 and F37 on the Shotley marina ... Hopefully some catfish might find it useful :P.

Well ... even without my glasses ... Roger still allowed me to steer the boat and I think I did pretty well considering I was considerably blind. I even did some steering when we were tacking ... which was great - and also got to do some tacking as well ... I like tacking it's fun and it is sort of exhilarating at the same time. We sailed most of Saturday up the River Stowe onto the town of Misterly and as we were sailing back down to the Orwell we had lunch ... as we were sailing up to Orwell we got caught in some huge rain storms and we got soaked and then dried again (well we had waterproof on - so not really soaked :D) ... and somewhere as we were approaching the Woolverstone Marina, the clouds opened and it poured and there was thunder and lightening as well ... we got sufficiently scared that we motored our way back up to the marina (we were sailing all the time - we were going pretty fast about 4.5 knots over land).

Then as I couldn't drive (no glasses) ... Roger dropped Tina and I back in Milton Keynes and my car is still at Linda's ... Linda went on to see her parents. It was pretty terrible conditions to drive back in since it was pouring rain at times ... and the spray was horrible ... it really obscured a lot of cars.


Posted by prejudice at 12:37 PM BST
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Thursday, 14 June 2007
Sailing trip
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Only Love Can Break A Heart (Sonny James)
Topic: Events

Well, tomorrow Tina and I along with Linda are going down to Ipswich again for a sailing trip with Captain Roger again - the weather doesn't seem to be so fine as last time - as there seem to be rain on its way ... but hopefully it should be ok - and at least warm (God willing!).

Anyway, went yesterday and collected my sleeping bag from Nana, so I think I'm all set ... except that the blanket I took the last time (the brown one) still got stinging nettles on them (nope haven't cleaned it since the picnic!!) - so, guess I can't take that ... so really need it to be warm - oh yeah, think we have to take a pillow perhaps? Can't remember what I took the last time ... got to check the emails and perhaps just one bedsheets .... the problem when I do that it just comes back smelling like grease.

Anyway, gotta go home and pack. Tomorrow got to put petrol in the car since we're meeting Linda at her house and then driving down to Ipswich. We've also got to get some stuff from Tesco - food and drink.

Posted by prejudice at 5:02 PM BST
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Thursday, 10 May 2007
Just posting an entry
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: I Need You (Foreigner)
Topic: Friends

Well, since I hadn't posted here in a long time, thought I would just put an entry. My life seem to be existing around my work and going to cinema with Tina.

I think I've watched a lot of movies lately ... nearly every single one that has been out. I watched Bridge to Terabithia yesterday ... it was sad (it was like My Girl sad - that's a huge hint there!).

Anyway, Jenny and I are supposed to be going to cinema one Sunday ... hopefully, I don't have to watch back something that I've already seen, but it seems likely, but don't mind so much, because just like the social aspect of doing it ... just trying to build my network of friends - slowly but surely :).

Not sure what I'll be up to this weekend, it seems to be raining all this week although last week the weather was quite brilliant. I have a penchant for drives at the morning, and also the feeling of going to areas in the UK where I've never been before namely the Peak and the Lake district although I have a longing to go to the Shetland islands as well. And I've been looking at camping as a possibility since it is so cheap and allows me some time to relax between one driving day to the next. Really need someone else who can drive to go along with me, so we can share the driving!

Posted by prejudice at 2:37 PM BST
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Saturday, 24 March 2007
Guy's Guide to a Geek Girl
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Surprisingly nothing!
Topic: Internet fun things

I've just been reading (well actually still reading) the Guy's Guide to a Geek Girl. It's so funny and so me!! She's got me down pat :). Says that the geek girls have an active online life (ain't that the truth - the worse part is that I think guys who don't have an active online life - just don't have a life :) ).

Anyway ... she says that geek girls like sci-fi ... well not too much me ... but did hit the nail on its head when she said geek girls like Spock more than Captain Kirk ... so true!! I'll take Spock any day over Captain Kirk. How can you not like Spock?

"The hair can be any length, but in almost all cases, it is OUT OF THE WAY"

So TRUE!!!! I like my hair but out of the way ... got to be up in a pony tail :D.


Posted by prejudice at 12:00 PM BST
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