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Tuesday, 24 July 2007
Dream last night
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Weeping (Josh Groban)
Topic: Dreams

I had quite a crazy dream last night ... I dreamt I went to UWI and there was a protest ... not sure what the protest was for ... but what I gathered from my dream it was not a student issue but I decided to join into the protest since I thought I should support then ... and then appeared a dog that looked like Milo from The Mask ... and he started barking at me and then trying to nip my heels which caused me to run ... whilst everyone thought this was funny and started laughing ... so I began running from the dog and he ran behind me, and he grabbed (God alone knows how!) my jacket - the one with the fur trim (why I'm wearing a jacket in a hot country .... I'm not certain) ... anyway, the dog grabbed it and I gave it to him and he swallowed it whole and all there was remaining, was the fur trim sticking outside of his mouth. That's when I knew the dog meant business ...

So, I ran to this building and got in and shut the door but was quite afraid that the dog could still open the door (I think for some reason I thought he could turn handles) ... anyway, as it turned out it was some kind of lab and there was some guy in it (who wasn't good-looking - not my type - that's an important bit of information) who asked me what was going on and then proceeded to comfort me and assure me that the dog can't get in ... and then for some reason got around to talking about what he does (beside be in UWI I guess) and indicate he runs a car park and it is a family business and that I should come visit some time ... and somewhere during that conversation I told him that I wanted to indicate to him he wasn't my type ... and I think he said that wasn't why he asked me (or something to that effect). Anyway, for some reason I was then in Penal with some intention of going to see his car park but first wanted to get him something so, went to some shops (whcih looked decidingly as if there were in Kingstown, St. Vincent) not sure what I got but have an impression it was food ... and then went to meet him at the car park where he was handing out tickets to people. And somewhere around there is when I woke up.

Now the startling thing is ... in the dream I definitely saw the guy's face and I definitely did not like his appearance etc. however, because he sort of 'saved' or 'comforted' me I sort of think I developed a liking for him and hence the reason for going to visit him at the car park ... so, that's my dream. It seems a bit scary that I can like someone who I couldn't care for in the first place but because he was a nice guy I then started to like him ... probably my mind trying to tell me something? :D

Posted by prejudice at 2:04 PM BST
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