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Tuesday, 29 January 2008
Yuwie - general overview (
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Topic: Internet fun things

So, came across this new social networking website on the internet ... actually really it was someone who was spamming facebook - so found it and decided to follow it and see what it was about. There was a cute guy telling you all about Yuwie was - so sat down and listen to it. It all sounded too good to be true really, basically there is a pyramid scheme in which users can earn money by number of page views. Basically they calculate the RSR (Revenue Sharing Rate) at each month and for every 1000 page views you accumulate you can get a percentage of the RSR.

The pyramid scheme works in such a way that you can earn RSR from up to ten levels of your friends' page views ... Therefore, it is often worth the while of a person to ensure that they have lots and lots of 'friends'. Hence the 'spamming' of people to ask them to join under their referral (by the way if you want to help me test this out ... my referral is :D - might earn some money for myself during this Phd - if this works out :P)....

Anyway, I have to say the site itself at first reminded me of hi5 but other people says it look sort of like myspace ... and on reflection think it looks more like myspace. But for a social-networking website it pales in comparison to facebook by far ... I think it is even worse than Myspace. I think the most annoying thing of this site is the adverts (although I think they expect you to accept or bare with it - because in their spiel they indicate it is through adverts that they earn money!). Almost anything you do, they'll give you a page with an advert which you have to skip and the most annoying is that it sometimes forget the original information you put it. And then there are the annoying flashing and blinking and sometimes talking adverts on the sides - they're certainly conspicuous!

It has a horrible red colour to it ... which just makes you feel angry - although you can change or create your templates like in hi5 and myspace. I cannot in good mind recommend this as a good social networking website - it feels a bit clunky and the pictures it uploads are not of very good quality ...

Right will give updates on how it proceeds ... I'll try and see what happens - you can help me by joining to see how the referral scheme goes ... but don't have to - because got to say I don't like the site so much ... But there is an Open University school group (with only 2 persons! - myself and someone else) ...

Posted by prejudice at 9:57 AM GMT
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