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Wednesday, 25 October 2006
Papa injured himself
Mood:  blue
Now Playing: Evil Man (Shelby Lynne)
Topic: Family

Just found out this morning that Papa on Monday night (I think) fell in the bathroom and damaged his head, forehead and nose. There was a lot of blood mum said and he had to go for stitches at the hospital (which he didn't want to go for obviously!) - but he is doing better now.

They were in Trinidad then, this morning they flew back to Guyana.

Posted by prejudice at 12:57 PM BST
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Monday, 12 December 2005
Going home on Saturday :D!!!
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: This Boat (Joey Dee)
Topic: Family
So, Papa and the whole family went down to the BWEE office last Friday, and they got my BWEE club card sorted and got my ticket changed to Saturday instead of Sunday ... so, that's great for a couple of reasons:
1. I get an extra day with my family
2. Get to go to church - so, will get to sing some more Christmas Carols
3. I wouldn't have to get an early bus on Sunday but a train instead (trains don't run on Sunday mornings)

So, feeling good about all those reasons. Anyway, got a supervision this evening - not sure how that is going to pan out since I've sort of been on holiday mode since I've passed my driver's test.

Only thing is that I'm not sure if I'll get my driver's licence before I go to Trinidad, since the DVLA said it will be with me usually withing 3 weeks, but this Friday is only the 2 week mark - so problem ... besides the post office isn't the most reliable at this time of the year.

I ordered a phone on amazon, on last Sunday and was hoping to carry it with me to Trinidad - but now Amazon says it will be delivered only after Christmas ... so, wondering if I should cancel since I won't be getting to use it in Trinidad. Besides, Amalia said they bought a phone for me to use in Trinidad (this is after I ordered) ... so, may not need a phone.

Posted by prejudice at 9:15 AM GMT
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Thursday, 1 September 2005
Credit Card stuff
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: The Locomotion (Little Eva)
Topic: Family
Well ... chatting with Pa again ... and found out he has not changed the address for the credit card as yet. Could you believe it? I have no clue who has been getting our credit card statements now ... and so, if there is any credit card fraud or identity theft gonna blame it all on him.

Hopefully he remembers now (I've been asking him to change it since the ending of June - so its alot of notice :D).

Posted by prejudice at 3:51 PM BST
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Monday, 22 August 2005
Strange family happenings in Trinidad
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: You're the Inspiration (Chicago)
Topic: Family
So, Amalia wrote me an email this morning telling me of some things that happened yesterday ... and she called it one eventful Sunday!

Well ... first of all they went to look at the school Ritch has his teaching interview for in Fyzabad ... and whilst there the timing chain in the car burst ... ooops! So, he coasted to someone's yard .. and then the skies decided to open and pour rain down and caused a mini-flood! I could just imagine the drama.

Oh this is way too funny ... got to record this one ... supposedly when Amalia went upstairs to kiss grandpa and grandma and then headed to one of the rooms to change, she heard grandpa turning to grandma and asking "Who was that???" Ha ha ha! Now ordinarily that would just be funny ... but grandpa turning to Mama who has dementia and asking who's that ... puts a new dimension to funny. And here we thought Grandpa possibly still had his brain on ... but I guess its Amalia's fault - she should visit them more often ... at least he hasn't forgot me as yet ... I think ... last time I went he remembered me fine :D.

Well ... hmm ... let's see what else ... ahh yes ... Mama went missing late last night ... supposedly ... Mama took up a cutlass and decided to walk down the road .. and she went under Ramlal's house (down the hill by Nip), and she seeing some dirty dishes started washing it ... Ramlal children were so scared because Mama had a cutlass, stayed upstairs and called Sung's wife who called Tantie who came and pick her up. Hmm ... those people ... the lady trying to be nice and clean their dishes and scared of her ... never mind she had a cutlass :D.

I forgot to ask Amalia if she met Diane when she went down or since Di Got married. Di got married last week Sunday ... called her in the morning to wish her good luck etc ... she said she was nervous ... it was too bad I missed it - considering she is my best cousin ... but had my draft dissertation due last week so couldn't make it anyway.

I think today is Ryan and Roseanne birthday not sure if it is today or the 26th ... I always get mixed up with those dates ... go to remind Amalia to wish them Happy Birthday. Hmm, I wonder if they did anything for Mama's birthday ... which again I really don't know the exact date ... its either the 8th or the 9th ... one of these good days I'll remember!

Pa went from Suriname to Guyana yesterday (backtrack I believe!) ... I hope Pa reached home safe because when I called him it was around 6 pm Guyana time ... and he was still on the other side of the Berbice River and he sounded as if he had some drinks (well alot!!!). Haven't seen him signed on as yet - so I guess he is still sleeping. Mum is going to Guyana today I think.

Posted by prejudice at 11:55 AM BST
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Friday, 29 April 2005
Amalia might be coming!
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys)
Topic: Family
Well, the guy from the OU wrote Amalia back, and ask her if she'll happen to be in the UK so they can discuss the project - and she said yeah she will just happen to be in the UK ... so, she might come in May ... I have to talk with Angela to see if its ok if she stays with me - but not sure how that'll pan out - since Angela's parents are here - the house is already crowded. Plus, they are trying to sell the house - so the house has to be spotless on most days - never mind that Angela's mum loves things to be clean - so, it might be stressful with another person around.

I was thinking of renting somewhere in MK for her - saw some self contained apartments for #250 - but if I am spending so much money I think that Ritch should come too - so, that the apartments can be used fully - plus he can cook! And the apartments can sleep 3 - so, could stay over with them. Well, we'll see how that goes. I don't think Angela will have a problem with Amalia staying per se ... but I am not sure how her parents will see it.

Posted by prejudice at 2:57 PM BST
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Friday, 1 April 2005
Diane's wedding
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Taal Se Taal Mila remix (Taal)
Topic: Family
Diane gave me some shocking news when I came down, I mean at first I didn't believe her, I was like Diane stop joking and pulling my leg ... but she said she is getting married ... any day now (even mum and them didn't know)! Well, you would never guess who it is! Its Devi off all the people in the world. Devi! Can you imagine ... Devi! Still, haven't gotten over the shock. I am not sure even if she likes him in that way ... I mean Devi is an ok guy, nothing wrong with him etc ... but it is Devi ... not sure if she is getting married for marrying sake or because Rock etc. told her that will be a good match. Diane says he use to always ask her, but she never use to take him on. I won't mind so much if she said she like him and so on, but when Amalia and I asked her if she liked him she only laughed ... but don't know if she laughing because she shy or she really don't have an answer, although I gave her the three options to answer. I ask her to answer "yes", "no" and "I don't know" ... she only laughed and I don't know what to make out of that. Anka Tantie said Diane say she scared - don't know if she scared because of normal wedding jitters or scared to get married to someone she's not sure if she like.

Anyway, hope she knows what she is doing - hope she already plan what will happen to her job etc. not sure where Devi working but hope it is near enough so she could continue with her job. What got me concerned she looks as if she is looking for assurance, she keeps saying "He's ugly ent?" (well ugly sounds a bit harsh in words - but we talk usually brash) ... and I all could say "Its Devi ... I don't think about him in terms of look ... he just...there". Oh well, we might go down South today, so if I get a chance will dig up and see what actually going on there.

The wedding is set for May (so soon!! - well it is better than the original - they wanted it for this Sunday!). Anyway, gotta be careful how I frame questions etc. as people might misinterpret my actions as I am jealous that Diane is getting married etc (people do think the strangest things!). Then again, I have to be careful I am not doing this to preserve life as it is - since I really do hate change - and my best cousin marrying off - is a very big change - that I may be resenting - but I still have not come to grips to it - I think even if she does get married - I will still can't believe it! Devi of all the people in the world! Devi! Shocker! Amalia keeps saying he is a nice boy etc ... but you don't want nice - you want great ... well, at least that's how I want it for me ... yep ... I can see spinsterhood in my future :D.

Posted by prejudice at 12:14 PM GMT
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Papa interview
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Ishq Bina Kya Jeena (Taal)
Topic: Family
Well Pa had his interview on Wednesday in Guyana, not sure how it went! But he came back the same afternoon to Trinidad, and he was ok - not quite elated but ok ... so, we'll wait and see how that goes. I am a bit worried but Papa has accepted all the possibilities! So, whatever happens he and Ritch said they will go plant ginger :D. Well, Ritch at the moment is looking for a job, he is going to apply for some NAMDEVCO job, we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, as I said if that doesn't work out they can always go plant ginger ... Papa bought a 195 tractor (second hand Massey Ferguson) already with three trailers (he bought that on impulse buy before I came). The tractor is working good though it is really really old. So, the day after I came to Trinidad we went and bought a brushcutter at TRACMAC, and they dropped it for us down south in the evening. Then for Good Friday we brushcut the land a bit and did some more on Saturday (we missed seeing Uncle Shah going to the airport because of that). We cleated out Pen 5 spot and the road next to it, and the road next to Pen 1 to 3, and cleared out most of the hill behind the house. Pa is telling us to go get our tractor licence. Ritch is already driving the tractor a bit (so he might get his first).

The only problem is that the tractor does not have very good breaks - something I've found out twice, once was when Ritch was parking the tractor in the garage, and we really had to press hard the clutch to stop the tractor (I was riding shot gun with him and Diane was riding on the PTO - I know not very safe!) - and he eventually got it stop, with 2 inches before he cleared out the whole garage wall :D.

The second time (I was not on the tractor), but Pa was brushcutting the pen 5 spot when the tractor rolled backwards and went down the hill from Pen 5 to Pen 6, and we were liking just staring in astonishment - Ritch did not have a clue, and then Amalia started shouting "Ritchie ... go check Papa" ... I think all of us had visions of the tractor turning over (amount of times I've heard that killing someone!. Well, then Diane, Ryan, Ritch, Amalia and I started moving towards the tractor, when we saw Pa coming back up as cool as ever mouthing towards us, "No brakes" ... we were so relieved we had to laugh! Pa said he was not worried since the PTO in the back with the extra long wheel gave the tractor stability and all he could do was let the tractor go until it stop :D.

Posted by prejudice at 11:58 AM GMT
Updated: Thursday, 7 April 2005 2:08 PM BST
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Thursday, 10 March 2005
Mum's age
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: You're the inspiration (Chicago)
Topic: Family
Was talking to Pa this morning ... he said mum was feeling depressed ... so, got to chatting with her ... she sounded perfectly fine to me ... but Pa thinks it must be mid-life crisis or something (Pa does come up with some strange theories!) ... anyway, I think its perhaps because she is turning 50 this year ... I really can't imagine she is turning 50 ... wow ... I still think she is 32 most of the times ... I remember that was the favorite age for me to quote when anyone ask me mum's age. Well ... I guess 50 is correct ... she did have me while she was 25 ... and now I am 25 ... wow! My mum was married had all of her children at this age ... and me ... absolutely nothing ...

Anyway, will be home in 2 weeks ... looking forward to it ... but got so much work to get done between then and now ... anyway, got rid of ethnography and statistics TMA ... so only got research methods to get through and writing up stuff for Pun! Oh well ... I shall survive.

Posted by prejudice at 4:10 PM GMT
Updated: Thursday, 10 March 2005 4:53 PM GMT
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Friday, 4 March 2005
Mum and Pa Anniversary
Mood:  chatty
Now Playing: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper)
Topic: Family
Was telling Mum ... Happy Anniversary ... over MSN and she sounded a bit surprised that I knew!

Well ... I sent them an e-card ... I'm wondering if Pa only remembered when he picked up my e-card ... hmmm ... can't exactly ask him that - but he's never good with dates.

Anyway, sent SMS messages to both Ritch and Amalia phones just now ... reminding them it is their parents anniversary ... hopefully they send them an ecard or call them ... because Mum sounded bit more elated that I remembered. I'll call them when I go home ... hopefully, Pa'll be home by that time.

Posted by prejudice at 2:50 PM GMT
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