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Thursday, 27 September 2007
Waiting for it warm up
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Potential Breakup Song (Aly and AJ)
Topic: Milton Keynes
So, it's a bit cold right now ... I got up 6:30 got ready at 7 ... and was planning to walk to the OU but it just felt too cold ... so, decided to wait a bit and see if it will warm up ... I could drive but figure should take every opportunity to exercise. I think it has warmed up sufficiently now - so heading out :D.

Posted by prejudice at 8:05 AM BST
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Thursday, 23 March 2006
Its going to be spring!!
Mood:  lazy
Now Playing: Coward of the County (Kenny Rogers)
Topic: Milton Keynes
The weather is going to change finally!! Its going to be a whopping 13oC in MK by the weekend .... finally ... these 7s and 8s and whatever below that is going to disappear forever .. well, unless the weather decides to take a change ...and autumn and winter comes around. Never thought I would be so glad about the weather - you really have to be obsessed with the weather in this country.

I might be able to wear a dress or skirt ... been stuck in trousers for so long ... but don't know how warm a 214oC that's gonna be ... so might wait until it is declared to be a high about 16oC or 18oC before I take any chance :D.

Posted by prejudice at 12:59 PM GMT
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Friday, 16 September 2005
Its cold!
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: A Beautiful Morning (The Rascals)
Topic: Milton Keynes
Man ... it's cold outside ... and I've got to walk home ... and I only came with a thin cardigan ... should have brought a jacket but it was looking sunny ... but now it has turned cloudy ... hope I can make it home without turning into an icicle ... I think I should be once I've walked for 10 mins since I may build up enough heat ... hopefully ... but then I've another 25 Min's to go after that first 10 Min's. Oh I'm dreading it ...

We are suppose to have a high of 15oC today ... according to the BBC it is currently 11oC ... but yahoo weather says it is 14oC ... hope to goodness yahoo is right ... the temp. won't have been so bad by itself ... but there is a 20 mph wind ... it is going to be freezing ... why did I not pack my jacket!! Why?????? Should have checked the weather before I left .... and take a jacket no matter what happens!

Posted by prejudice at 1:35 PM BST
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Thursday, 1 September 2005
My cream/ yellow castle
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: What's Love Got To Do With This (Tina Turner)
Topic: Milton Keynes
Alright technically this is not about Milton Keynes it is actually a place near Cheddington (right after Tring)... but lazy to create a new category. Anyway, was reading my blog and realized I wrote about my cream/ yellow castle that I did see. I just want to confirm that I did see it again ... twice! I saw it when I was returning from dropping Pa at Heathrow and then the second time when I was coming back from Trinidad. So, it does exist ... not a figment of my imagination - and it is really quite nice. You can only see it as your approach Cheddington, and it has to be on a slow train (i.e. got to use Silverlink) ... the fast trains like Virgin you would blink and miss it.

Oh yeah after that diatribe about not ever going on a Virgin train ever again ... I did go ... well, it was the fastest train available and needed to reach Heathrow on time to pick Pa up ... never mind the flight was delay for a hour (that's BWEE for you) and man oh man ... never ever taking the Piccadilly line from Euston to Heathrow again ... that is the longest ride in history ... never ever ... If I got to do that again .. I'll break it up in pieces or stick to the Rail-Air link from Watford. Anyway, haven't been to London since the bombings (was there the week before - that's when Pa was there :D - well technically 2 or 3 days after - went straight to Heathrow and took my flight home).

Posted by prejudice at 4:10 PM BST
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Monday, 22 August 2005
I walked to the city centre!!!
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Tampico (Stan Kenton)
Topic: Milton Keynes
Well .. I finally did it .. after much saying I will ... on Saturday I walked to the city centre from my house in Middleton. It was a cool walk ... except the place is really deserted so bit apprehensive when walking ... because there are a lot of empty fields to walk through since there are no housing developments there as yet ... most of the redways look as if they haven't been used in awhile. But it is a really nice walk since it feels naturey ... and I don't think they should destroy it and put up housing ... leave it just the way it is ... because then where will the rabbits and foxes go? I haven't seen a fox since I've been in this country but I'm going to keep a look out for one of them ... they should be in the fields. Rabbits I've seen, in the field near I live I decided to cut through it one day and there were brown bunny rabbits - it was so cool.

Anyway, about my walk ... some of the areas reminded me as if I was walking in the back of Piparo ... well, Watts Trace to be exact ... yup that isolated and bad :D. I had to cross the Grand Union Canal ... and was going to take some pictures ... when I heard some voices from the bushes behind me ... got scared and kept walking on ... soon realised it was just a father with his kids ... my nerves were a bit taut at the moment ... as I said very isolated .... I had to pass through at the back of Gulliver's Travel Theme Park, so I heard people laughing and stuff ... I've been told the rides in there are tame, so, possibly why I didn't hear any screaming.

Well .. had to pass through Campbell Park ... which is very nice ... I didn't realise it was so cool ... they got hills and everything to climb up and roll down (I've got a feeling the hills were man-made ... what is not tampered with in MK?? - after all we have man-made lakes with islands in them :D). There was a cricket match playing in the cricket ground ... and how the cricket ground is situated you can sit on the shady slope and watch the game ... very nice ... one of these days got to go watch a game playing there.

Posted by prejudice at 12:05 PM BST
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Thursday, 16 June 2005
I've decided: I quite like the UK
Mood:  d'oh
Now Playing: Its magic (Koi Mil Gaya)
Topic: Milton Keynes
Well ... this morning I've decided I quite like England - could live here ... don't mind the cold winters, the cloudy days and sunless skies, the long and short days - so, I've resolved that issue in my mind.

Well ... when winter comes along again I might revised that opinion - and it could be because it is Milton Keynes that I'm feeling quite happy in.

This morning was such a lovely day to me - and the weird thing about it - it was cloudy and drizzling and I still felt it was a great day - so, England must be really growing on me.

Posted by prejudice at 4:34 PM BST
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Thursday, 7 April 2005
Weather in MK
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Keep Coming Back (Richard Marx)
Topic: Milton Keynes
Well ... here I thought I was coming back to good spring weather in the UK ... you know at least 12 degrees and over ... but what happens to that - supposingly we have an Arctic wind blowing across us that is dropping our temperatures an we may get snow or sleet tonight - can you imagine?? Would this terrible weather ever go away. Angela said yesterday morning when I left there was hail at home ... there wasn't any at the OU ... and Luis said last night one of his friend who came home at 1:30 am ... said it was snowing ... well ... I know it was raining pretty hard last night but saw no sign of snow ... well ... will see what happens tonight ... supposingly this weather will improve by next week hopefully!

Posted by prejudice at 2:36 PM BST
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Thursday, 10 March 2005
Skyscraper in MK
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Fire and Rain (James Taylor)
Topic: Milton Keynes
Read in the citizen yesterday they want to build a monstrosity in MK ... a skyscraper of all the things in the world ... why?? why? why?? MK is so nice, why spoil it ... most people echoed my sentiments but others wanted it ... had to be those crazy people who think MK is boring or something and want it to be a real "city". But who wants it ... I love MK and its tranquility and it being in the countryside and yet still have all the elements of a city. They said that it will put us on the map ... don't we already have one of the largest malls? And as someone pointed out concrete cows! I mean how much more strange can you get? I am yet to see the concrete cows, got to plan a trip and go see MK's wonders.

Some people were already complaining about the XScape Dome ... they said it marred the skyline ... but I don't mind the XScape so much ... it can be seen from 12 miles and provides a nice landmark to know where the city centre is ... so, we already have our monstrosity - so no need to add one.

That reminds me, there was a huge hullabulla (I know the correct form is hullabaloo - but I like the sound of hullabulla) - about some meadows here in the OU that they wanted to convert into a car park (at least OU administration wanted to) - so huge protest -supposingly at one time they wanted to excavate the site since there exists a settlement there since Roman times. The history is great to know ... but I figure leave the meadows as it ... supposingly foxes sometimes come along there - not sure which meadows it is - got to check out its website better.

Found out that there is also a nature trail - that I must visit once the temperatures increase. For open day, June 18th, there is going to be a guided tour - already placed the event on my calendar - definitely going to that! Heck who won't want to live in Milton Keynes?? One of these days got to check out the Milton Keynes Park Trust - there are a lot of nature trails and stuff around with some really old woods! Don't know why people keep saying they prefer London - it is so crowded ... not my cup of tea.

By the way, went to London on Saturday with Angela, we checked out the Thames bridge by the Eye of London, Westminster, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. We just saw these stuff from outside and in a hurry too - icy rain decided to descend upon us - when we left MK it was snowing - so I guess in some sense getting icy rain is better - since it means it is warmer :D. I figured the only reason why London is so much warmer because it must be the pollution. One of these days got to go back and see if I could go into Westminster Abbey - it looks really nice. Buckingham Palace was a bit of a disappointment - didn't know what I expected - but it just looks like any other building in London - just another pile of bricks. I loved Westminster though - really nice architecture.

Oh we went to this place called Wembley/Ealing ... and it looked just like a high street in Port of Spain - it is where the Indians (from India) mostly settled - sort of reminded me of Liberty in NY. That's the feeling you get ... and I fit right in ... didn't like it alot - crowded - but if I am ever missing Trinidad, I can go right there and feel as if I am there - only thing everyone is speaking some language I don't understand!

Posted by prejudice at 4:48 PM GMT
Updated: Thursday, 10 March 2005 4:54 PM GMT
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