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Wednesday, 16 March 2005
The Dog in the Tree
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: O Holy Night (Josh Groban) (Christmas music in March)
Topic: Story
Well, I was chatting with Pradyot yesterday, and he told me to tell him a story and then I started and gave him this really nice story - but then he said don't bother anymore (well not the exact words) - so never got to finish the story - and I wasn't certain how it was going to end - so then I wrote to Amalia telling her the story but this time with an end. So, here is the story:

Once upon a time there live a dog on a tree ... a pink tree, with black leaves and blue fruits. he dog ... whose name was Carweptear ... decided to come down from the tree ... but he wasn't sure how too ... he just lived there for so long ... and ate the fruit ... that coming down was never an option. So, a cloud was passing by - a beautiful green fluffy cloud with button eyes and a chocolate smile. And so the dog asked the cloud ... do you know how to come down from the tree ...The cloud sat there and pondered .. but before he could get a word out ... a big wind swept by and blew him along the way .... He was low enough to be cumulus ... So, the dog looked around and couldn't see how he can possibly come down, he didn't have any claws ... so he couldn't climb down, and he certainly wasn't gonna jump. It was just waaaaaaaay too far.

So, a birdy came along ... a sweet little tweety bird ... and the dog said ... do you know how to come down this tree ... so the bird looked at him matter-of-factly and said "Why don't you use the elevator?" "The elevator" the dog queried ... "Yup the elevator" the bird replied, "don't you have one?"

The dog pondered he was not sure if he did have one... he just never had use for one ... probably there was one ... so he went looking around the tree ... to see if there was an elevator
[10:36:35] Anesa: But he couldn't see the one .... and he told the tweety bird "I can't seem to find the elevator" ... the tweety bird just laughed and laughed at him "No silly, you don't find the elevator ... the elevator finds you!"

"Oh!" the dog exclaimed .... "How can the elevator find me?" ... the tweety bird looked at him and said "By putting out a sign" ... and with that piece of knowledge the tweety bird flew off .... because a hawk was hovering near by.

So, the dog looked around ... found a piece of paper and wrote in bold script "ELEVATOR NEEDED - PLEASE FIND ME" and hung it on the tree.

(That is all I told Pradyot - so here comes the ending)

So, the dog waited, and waited and found that no elevator had found him. He wasn't certain what he had done wrong. The hawk who was hovering came by and decided to drop in for a chat with the dog. The dog told the hawk about his predicament ... and so, the hawk asked "where have you put out the sign", so the dog showed him where the sign he had made and placed it ... the hawk looked at me and said with near hysterics "You have to put OUT a sign not put UP one". The dog looked at him with some incredubility ... how was he going to put out a sign. The hawk told him "You've got to find a sign and put it OUT of the tree".

The dog looked at him miserably, "But I don't have a sign to put out ... there are no signs here".
The hawk said "Sure there is, there are signs everywhere. Look at those two twigs, they cross each other just like a plus sign ... and that one over there is a multiplication sign ... and that one by itself is a minus sign ... all you got to do is pluck one off and put it out of the tree."

The dog looked at him with some relief ... and he plucked an calculus integral sign off and threw it out of the tree ... and just as he did that ... an elevator appeared and said "I've found you!" and continued "Where would you like to go?" The dog looked at him and said "I like to go down the tree please" .. the elevator said "hop in" ... and away he whizzed him along a calculus integral line, until he was on the ground and the dog was happy. The End.

I would have like to spin the story out longer ... but had to leave to go to the questionnaire workshop - so it ended a bit abruptly.

Anyway, going now ... oh, by the way, looks as if J. got a g/friend ... saw him holding hands with a girl at the bus-stop :D!

Posted by prejudice at 1:30 PM GMT
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