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Tuesday, 23 August 2005
Of more slugs and snails
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Anything You Can Do (Doris Day)
Topic: Nature Stuff
Well ... its officially a disaster zone ... the sun is out ... and there is carnage to count. What was not lost yesterday by the ruthless bicycle wheels and human feet have been claimed by the ruthless sun ... the population of the slugs and snails have taken a plunge ...yup ... the slugs and snails are shriveling up and dying .... and the blue flies are out to collect what they can ...

Less of an obstacle race today ... but tomorrow holds rain ... we shall see if the slugs and snails will venture out again and face the perils of the bicycle wheels and endless feet.

Posted by prejudice at 1:49 PM BST
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Monday, 22 August 2005
Of snails, slugs and earthworms
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: In Your Room (The Bangles)
Topic: Nature Stuff
Well ... the rain is back ... there are slugs all over the place ... I think they must be glad ... its raining and its moist ... and they can come crawling across the bicycle paths once more ... at least the sun is not out today so they are not shriveling up and dying in the middle of the redways. Slugs are really ugly looking creatures ... but they are growing on me ... and they do have so many different shapes ... but I really hate the black fat ones ... but the skinny brown ones I can tolerate.

But it is getting very difficult to navigate my walking path when they are crawling across ... its like an obstacle course ... unfortunately the bicycles kind of run roughshod over them ... every 10 or 15 ft you walk ... there is usually a squashed slug around ... its internal organs are quite interesting they are usually cream or yellow surrounding by the whitish gluey looking thing ... guess that's what leaves the nice silvery path behind them.

The earthworms are not as plentiful as they were about a month or two ago ... but still around ... the snails are less than they were in May ... and much smaller ... they are more difficult to see than the slugs ... and whenever I'm walking .. and hear something go crunch underneath my feet ... I dare not look back in case I see a squished snails ... well, soon it will be over and autumn will be here and they will be gone. Guess they must be enjoying the rain ...

I'm not enjoying it so much .... because I got positively soaked this morning (alright not that wet ... but my jeans were damp, my shoes and socks were damp .. hope they dry by this afternoon!).

Posted by prejudice at 11:10 AM BST
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