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Tuesday, 31 January 2006
Skimmed milk
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Blue Bonnet Lane (Don Edwards)
Topic: Pet Peeves
Well, had to drink semi-skimmed milk this morning - because on Saturday and Sunday when I went to Sainsburys there were no skimmed milk ... don't like the taste of semi-skimmed.

People find that strange that I actually like skimmed milk - but I do think it tastes so much better - Angela used to call skimmed milk "coloured water" because according to her that's how best it could taste.

I remember once when we (Amalia, Ritch and I) were staying at Margaret's house, the neighbour came across and I was going through the groceries and was whining that they bought semi-skimmed - and the neighbour she says "I know skimmed is healthier isn't it?" - and I had to explain to her I like the taste of skimmed and she look at me with surprise. So - whadya know in some stuff I actually like the healthy things.

Posted by prejudice at 2:20 PM GMT
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Thursday, 1 December 2005
Driving Test Today!
Mood:  accident prone
Now Playing: Hero (Tasmin Archer)
Topic: Pet Peeves
Well, today is my driving test at 11:11 am exactly and I'm nervous as heck. I wish I hadn't had to do this test - I could gladly cancel right now and I won't mind losing my money :).

You see I know I'm going to fail ... because when I'm nervous my driving goes to pieces, and my already bad clutching gets worst ... at least I'm alright on the large roundabouts the mini-roundabouts are ok, but the double mini-roundabouts do throw me - so I have to remember to stop at the give-way lines. I think my two biggest problems will be to remember to check my mirrors particularly when I'm braking and ensuring I keep up to the speed of the row. But I usually can keep up to the speed of the road, but I usually have to take a breather to do that before I can go down back.

I think one of my hardest problems is traffic lights, not going when it is green etc., but at traffic lights there are other vehicles and I'm always scared of rear-ending them, that I brake harshly rather than smoothly - and I'm thinking that is not good.

My clutch control on the hills are not good so I have to remember to use my hand-brake since I won't be able to do that with my clutch and accelerator alone - well, probably can do it - if my nerves were better, but when I get anxious or panic my movements become jerky and I want to go as fast as possible so I could get the miserable test over and done with - what I have to remember is to take my time and be calm no matter what happens and not to get anxious or panic - easier said than done - probably I can chant "Ommm" in my head and it might calm me down.

Also, at zebra crossings, I've to check my mirror and see the people and stuff, yesterday didn't see the people on the zebra crossing and Lisa had to stop the car - not good :) ... oh, well the best I'm hoping from this test is that I don't get any dangerous - I can deal with majors but dangerous - will mean I'm a dangerous driver and that might break my confidence (not that I have much confidence when I'm driving anyhow - because of my panic and anxiety behaviour).

When I'm calm I drive really good - because just relaxing etc and not thinking about what the other person is thinking about my driving so much. Besides, usually I know where I'm going when I'm relaxing and driving but with these tests they tell you where to go and I am so accustomed to knowing where I'm going to drive properly, even when I'm not driving I like to know the plan that there is in for the drive unless it is Papa driving because then I know he'll take care of whatever but generally I like to know where we are going because I can then map the route in my head, since when I'm anxious or panicky, if someone says right it somehow becomes left in my head and vice versa, I think I'm going to screw up with directions. And although I might repeat right, my brain might still think it is left. Why can't they saying we are going that way, and point? At least I'll know :D.

I think this getting confused with right and left must run in the family, because Amalia only knows her right hand from her left hand, because she has a scar in her left hand, and Ritch always get confuse with left and right, since he'll say he is turning left when he is driving and then he turns right. So, it is a family thing. I've never seen mum or pa do that though ... must be two recessive genes in all of us :).

Posted by prejudice at 8:40 AM GMT
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Friday, 2 September 2005
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Mr. Lee (The Bobbettes)
Topic: Pet Peeves
Well ... let's start with first that I really don't like American accents ... I know I've placed that statement very baldly. However, had to state that in order the premise can be set for my ranting.

Well ... everyone here ... I mean in the UK ... declares that I have an American accent ... could you believe it? Me? An American accent ... terrible insult ... but everyone just says so ... I guess it doesn't help when I use mostly American slang ... but that is because I just watch a lot of American cable.

I can't believe I have an American accent (or probably they really can't tell the difference) ... I guess the reason must be because I don't have a strong enough Caribbean accent. But that is just because of the different places I've moved around ... when I went to St. Vincent, my accent changed from being Trinidadian. I know that for sure, because when I moved to Guyana, someone told me (I think her name was Kamala), said I had an up the island accent (she used to live in St. Lucia so she knows about this stuff).

So, then whilst living in Guyana, I think I acquired a bit of a Guyanese accent. Well, the Guyanese accent is much flatter than the up-the-islands or Trinidad accent since those are sing-songy, but Guyanese accents are really flat, and they stressed their Rs. Whilst Trinidadians and some small islanders do not know that Rs exist much less for the THs, so, I think to fit in and get rid of people making fun of my accent, I think I began stressing my Rs just like the Guyanese - I must have done very well actually, because most people did not know I was from Trinidad. And even when I went to Berbice etc., they just thought my accent was a Georgetown accent instead ... alright some still thought I was from outside from Guyana. But seriously, I think I had a pretty ok Guyanese accent ... I think it was so ok, most people forgot I was from Trinidadian then again ... I remember Raymond and Vishal used to say that we've been there for so long I could be considered Guyanese. When I went to see Karol at Reading she introduced me as Guyanese ... could you believe it ... I was a bit irritated ... I was like I'm not ... I'm Trinidadian. Her excuse was that she forgot because I was there for so long (it was just 7 years ... although been back often - well with Mum and Pa living there I must be :D). That reminds me, I haven't been in Guyana awhile since last year ... I was supposed to go this last time I went home but Pa and Mum came to Trinidad instead ... Hmm ... gotta go back because Mum and Pa moved and want to see the house ... only thing it will be strange going back and not seeing my room ... because when I think of going home to Guyana, I always think of our last house, so it is going to be a bit of a challenge to build a new house into my memory.

Anyway, I've gone off the point ... well, after I moved to Trinidad, and people heard my accent, some people thought I was Guyanese. Oh the horror! Ok no self-respecting Trinidadian ever wants to be mistaken for a Guyanese (sorry - but its the truth). So, had to relearn the Trinidad accent, dropping my Rs and THs every now and then to get back in sync. Had to do that even if I didn't want to, since Grandma and Grandpa had no clue what I was saying unless I was speaking in a strong Trinidad accent that only included broken English. However, Amalia says my accent is waaaaaaay too strong ... its embarrassing since it makes me look as if I'm from the back of Penal (which indeed is true) - but I shouldn't advertise the fact :P. So, made a compromise speak with a strong Trinidadian accent only with my grandparents and speak normalish (which means what I don't know now) ... but it seems normalish turns out to be an American accent (at least to the British people here) ... so, destressing my Rs, keeping in some THs and flattening the accent makes me sound American ... that's all I can see.

Probably after staying four years in this country, the American accent will go and I'll have some hints of a British accent ... so no one can accuse me of an American accent.

That reminds me on Sunday when I called home, Brandon picked up and he thought I was one of his aunts, because I was sounding like them. So, maybe ... the British accent is already rubbing off ... but to me ... haven't heard it as yet, I still sound normal (that means no American accent!).

Posted by prejudice at 7:54 PM BST
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Thursday, 1 September 2005
The wireless card crisis continues
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: The Grey Havens (The Lord of the Rings: The Return of The King)
Topic: Pet Peeves
Well ... according to I have 30 days to return my wireless card from the day of delivery. I realised that is four days from now!!! You probably wondering what took me so long to actually check the wireless card out ... I guess it all goes down to sheer laziness besides I was using the Netgear one and I had already loaded it up and didn't feel like loading programmes again.

Anyway, so need to send the wireless card out tomorrow (got to pay for the shipping - so losing that money!) ... anyway, although I said I was going to order the NetGear wireless card ... at the very last minute I changed my mind and went for the 3Com card instead ... I like the idea of being able to leave it in (so sue me :D).... it costed 6 pounds more than the Linksys one (the NetGear costs about 3 pounds less than the Linksys) ... but according to the specifications and it says it can get speeds up to 108 MBps ... some new thing called Super G (I hope for goodness sake it works with normal G or I'll be crying).

Anyway, it seems to get the Linksys one working I might have to delete the Linksys from the Registry and since I don't know the registry keys (never mind I am not really good at editing the registry) - I've decided to leave that alone and return the stupid card!

Posted by prejudice at 3:48 PM BST
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Mood:  chatty
Now Playing: The Mayor of Candor Lied (Harry Chapin)
Topic: Pet Peeves
So, Papa just came online so was chatting with him a bit (bit suspicious whether it was mum or pa, since he spelled all the words correctly - that's not like Pa - but oh well!).

Anyway, was a bit worried yesterday about him, since he was flying to Essequibo using one of those small planes (much prefer he took a speedboat!) - and I don't like those planes, plus there have been so much crashes lately (the one in Greece, one in Venezuela ... I feel as if there is one more).

I think I'm getting really scared of flying at the moment ... I used to like it but now ... rather not ... I hate takeoffs (well only recently) ... I always feel as when it is taking off, any minute its thrusters are not going to work, and we are just going to fall flat to the ground ... as for landings, I think we're going to nose-dive or over-run the runway. Once we are leveled off - I'm alrightish ... any pockets of disturbance gets me nervous all over again. I hate the long haul flights the most. This is me speaking - the person who used to do anything to get a plane ride!

Besides everyone keeps saying airplanes are still the safest transport. Yeah ... but they should look at deaths per accident (for cars, airplanes etc.) ... in planes you don't often hear about survivors, now do you??? At least in a car accident you can probably survive ... well all depends on the driver :D.

Posted by prejudice at 11:41 AM BST
Updated: Thursday, 1 September 2005 11:48 AM BST
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My Linksys wireless card refuses to work!!!!!!!!!!!
Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: You Raise Me Up (Josh Groban)
Topic: Pet Peeves
So, I ordered a linksys wireless card from .... a WPC54G v1.2 wireless card. I was using the same card before when I was in Trinidad but bought that one from Radioshack ... well, gave it to Amalia since I had no wireless here at the time. Well, anyway, I bought this card and it refuses to connect to the router ... can you imagine? I've installed, uninstalled, reinstalled ... complained to Linksys, gave me new instructions - combined the instructions in whatever which way it is possible and yet no action, no connection to the router! I am using a Netgear wireless card which I borrowed from the OU until I received this Linksys card and that was so easy to install ... no rebooting, no need to shut the computer down, and then turn it on with the card in the PCMCIA slot - nothing like that (never mind doing all that still doesn't make it work). Well, was checking the internet and there has been several complaints about this card ... arghhh ... wish I had checked that up before ... but I was using one before and never had any problems so didn't think this will be a problem ... besides the router is a Linksys so, thought why not get a card that is from the same company hence it should have better connectivity ... boy, was I wrong!!!

I seriously considering sending it back but if I do that it looks like almost 2-4 weeks before I get a refund and a new card and this time (well unless I get it miraculously working), I'm going for Netgear ... I was thinking of getting a 3Com since there is no need to take it out the PCMCIA slot when you're packing up your laptop (Ritch has that one) ... but thinking of sticking with what I know will work at the moment.

Posted by prejudice at 10:54 AM BST
Updated: Thursday, 1 September 2005 11:53 AM BST
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Thursday, 25 August 2005
Menstruation cycles
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Untitled (Simple Plan)
Topic: Pet Peeves
Well ... my period finally came last Tuesday ... I think it was almost three weeks late ... so glad (it came late that is)! Mum said I should take Vitamin E (or was it Primrose oil??) tablets to make it more regular, but why? Then it will come every 28 days ... who wants it so regular! Amalia used to have irregular periods too, but now she is taking Vitamin E, its regular she claims. I'm perfectly fine the way I am ... at least I don't have it so frequently and I can skip a month etc, and it doesn't come when I want it not to come ... so, this works out fine for my body and me.

Never could understand why in high school girls wanted their periods?? Why?? To feel grown up? Heck I could have done without it ... if it came when I was 19 I would have been glad (alright maybe not because then I would have think something was physically wrong with me). But then I shouldn't complain since I hardly ever get period pains (and from what I've heard the pains I do get, is nothing compared to other people)and it is usually done within 3 days. So, no need to complain ... the correct cycle came to the correct person - that's all I can say.

Posted by prejudice at 8:49 PM BST
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Shaving etc!
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Long Ago and Far Away (Jo Stafford - this is from Cover Girl!)
Topic: Pet Peeves
So, came across this profile of a guy on the internet who claims he likes girls with hairy arms ... now, that was a bit of a shocker ... seems a very strange fetish ... he claims it is a rare quality in girls ... well, at least in the US.

To me ... I was like huh? Who doesn't have hair in their arms ...I mean it may not be long but people got hair in their arms ...but then I looked it up on the internet ... people are actually waxing and shaving their arms ... could you believe it? What the heck? Are you going to be looking human after all this clearing of hair.

Some guys claim hair on girls is gross.... what planet are they living in? Humans have hair ... I am a girl, I neither care nor don't care about hair appearance. Sure, I shave my legs etc. but it all depends on how I feel ... sometimes I just let it grow ... only if I need to wear a short skirt, I'll shave. I mean ... I've kinda shaving more regularly now (4 times a month) ... I mean twice a month used to be my limit. Some girls shave from 9 to 10 times a month!!!! Heck ... you're damaging your skin and hair is not such a terrible thing you got to remove it as soon as you see it. I kinda sometimes like how my leg hair looks ... I don't see anything to be grossed out about ... its me ... I like me. I like both my shaven and unshaven legs.

Some guys claim that they are grossed out by underarm hair in girls ... wonder if they ever look at themselves in the mirror and get grossed out. Still don't see what so gross about it ... it is hair ... it is not like huge warts with warts on top of them or something like that ... its just hair for Pete's sake. It makes them sounds as if it will come and attack them for Pete's sake. I swear guys are such wusses these days. I see nothing wrong with underarm hair ... if it is short and trimmed you can go like that all the time ... I mean I shave if I'm wearing a no-sleeve etc ... but otherwise ... why??? Damaging my skin for absolutely no reason.

And why is there this myth (well I think it is a myth) that having underarm hair is unhealthy ... can't see how ... if you keep yourself clean can't see how it can be unhealthy. Plus, if we didn't need underarm hair ... trust me ... evolution would have gotten rid of it by now (or by creation theory ... God wouldn't have given it to us!) ... but obviously there is a good reason for it. Only reason that there could be possibly for the shaven underarms is to ensure that no nest for lice is created. Unless people in this day and age actually think there is the likelihood of getting body lice! Certainly hope not! And truly if being unhealthy is the issue ... I think shaving the head should become a practice there too ... since there is more hair per sq inch on the head, so there it must be severely unhealthy.

So, all these people are started to get rid of their hair are reminding me of those hairless cats (i.e. sphynx) we see and get grossed out by (well at least I do - I do feel sorry for them though - wish they had hair).

I think I'm just peeved because I quite like my arm hair ... its nice and soft, I like to touch it etc ... don't want society pressurizing people to wax/ shave it etc. I mean I hate to conform to society norms, but eventually I bend (well it took me till I was 18 or 19 to shave my legs afterall because I didn't want to be seen as if I was giving into peer pressure - but eventually I did!). I am so jealous of people who don't have to shave because they have thin and light hair ... if I had that ... I think it is likely I would never shave (well my legs at least)!

Posted by prejudice at 8:31 PM BST
Updated: Thursday, 25 August 2005 8:37 PM BST
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