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Saturday, 3 September 2005
Insects and all other creepy crawleys
Mood:  cool
Now Playing: Tum Ko Sirf Ko (Kasoor)
Topic: Housemates
Either it is all English people or people who live in the cities but these people seem deathly afraid of insects or other small legged creatures. I mean of the most harmless looking things in the world.

The other night I had to 'save' Eulette from the 'killer' moth. Well, she thought it was a killer moth from the way she was behaving, the thing was barely an inch, and it flew into the kitchen, and she was totally freaking out and wanted to basically run out of the run. The poor thing I think it was more terrified than anything else. Anyway, it eventually settled on one of the cupboards, so went up to it, allowed it to crawl unto my finger and then released it outside. I mean its a moth ... moths don't kill, and I highly doubt they bite people ... well they do eat clothing so guess they do bite a little ....

The night before, there was a spider that crawled in, it was less than an inch ... but Shreena and Eulette were freaking out. I am not scared of the spiders I do know ... but this one look a bit freakish to tell the truth, because its abdomen was quite large and rounded (something like the black widow spider - except this wasn't black) ... see, I am not accustomed to English spiders so not sure how dangerous they are, although I have been told there are no poisonous spiders in the country - so, going to assume the spiders I meet are not poisonous so still going to take caution with them, except if they are really tiny (because they are so much fun to play with when they are tiny, you can yo-yo them using their thread). Anyway, I got this one out by picking up its thread and trying to fling it out the window (it came through the window since it is industrially working on an intricate web there), but the problem was the thread was really sticky so couldn't detach it quickly enough before the spider came crawling in again, but eventually flung it far enough, and attach the thread to the outside of the window and closed it and thus ensuring the safety of all the people inside. I'm just a regular superhero :D. Anesa the InsectBasher!

But these people are even afraid of mosquitoes I think ... but killing mosquitoes do give me so much pleasure. I haven't killed any here though since I feel so sorry for them, their population is very small, and they are a bit larger than regular tropical mosquitoes and they are not sucking my blood so, no pleasure in killing them. They pretty much seem dumb in that they do not know they are suppose to come and bite me and suck my blood, so, got to feel sorry for the ignorant. (Just as a side note my favorite song from Kasoor is playing ... I just love this song - Mohabbat ho na jai).

There are some huge mosquito-looking insects that come in my room, I've been trying to figure what they are call (they are huge about 4 to 5 times the size of a regular mosquito) - they are attracted to the light ... anyway, probably that's what they call a gnat here - I am not sure. Well, supposedly one of the most common mosquito here in the UK is the Culiseta annulata, really can't identify it if I do see it ... never heard of that type. I'm accustomed to good old Culex, Aedes and Anopheles. Well, not really Anopheles that was only in Guyana and I don't think I ever came across that one - unless when I was in the interior but then again was so slathered with mosquito repellent that not much insects came near me.

Posted by prejudice at 10:42 AM BST
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P. might have brought home a girl last night!
Mood:  lazy
Now Playing: Neend Udd Rai Hai (Kasoor)
Topic: Housemates
So, last night around midnight (alright so, don't know if it was midnight - but whenever I get up during the night after going to sleep I call it midnight) ... I heard voices under my window ... a guy and a girl. Now, three persons usually park under my window, Shreena, P. and Sarah. But the voice didn't sound like Sarah's boyfriend, well, at least to me, I think it was P.'s. And I think he must have brought home a girl last night (I don't think he has a girlfriend - so this is certainly a new person).

Alright, I admit it ... I'm a busybody -but I am not usually, just this one has perked my curiosity and I just want to think of it as a healthy need to exercise my investigative powers. Anyway, I tried to listen to hear which room they went into (because still wasn't sure if its Sarah and her boyfriend or P.) ... anyway, if I was a real busybody would have gotten up last night and look out my window and satisfy my curiosity. Anyway, I think I was too sleepy so, didn't hear properly to which room they went, I think I concluded it must have been Sarah and boyfriend. But this morning when I got up, I didn't see Sarah and her boyfriend's car ... so, thought perhaps it was P., but I could still be mistaken ... since I think I heard the front door open this morning and definitely heard some trudging in the gravel, however, I don't think I heard a car. Also, usually when Sarah and her boyfriend are here, I can usually hear them (they talk a bit loud) and their room is directly underneath mine, but I don't think I heard anything .... or probably was just too sleepy I couldn't care less. My deductive powers are saying that it most likely P. who brought a girl home. I don't believe it is Eulette or Paula since I think they were home ... and definitely not Shreena.

Posted by prejudice at 10:06 AM BST
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