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Wednesday, 15 March 2006
Ecumenical Council
Mood:  lazy
Now Playing: Kasam Se (Jaanwar)
Topic: Lent
Well ... this is really about church - but Lent was the closest topic heading to that (and also now is Lent anyhow!)

Anyway last Sunday, it was vocation Sunday in church (couldn't remember what it meant at the time)- turns out to be finding jobs in the church so on my way out Beverly 'accosted' me and said she had a job for me, which made me very wary and apprehensive at the same time. But then she told me that Richard and her were thinking that I should join the ecumenical council, so I had to plead ignorance because I have no idea what an ecumenical council was but Richard said it was one of the better kind of meetings I could attend to and it is where I basically be myself and share my opinions and then these help shape or guide the church (I'm sure he said it much better than I and he probably actually knew what he was speaking about!). But he did say it is a good phrase to name-drop in church gatherings and I should get respect. Well before he told me all that stuff, I told Beverly yes (because I'm just bored and need to fill in my days) although she said I should go and have a think about it and prayer about it too - but didn't that much time ... :).

Posted by prejudice at 2:05 PM GMT
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Friday, 11 February 2005
Aseem, Lent and Groceries
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Albela mausam (don't have a clue what song this is!)
Topic: Lent
Well, I can't come into the OU tomorrow ... so there goes my Aseem research for the weekend ... never mind ... its not like it is going up drastically ... couldn't find anything new on the internet about him for the past couple of days ... must have exhausted all the information ... but mind you, I've mostly been using Google for this purpose.

Did find a website (a Canadian one) ... with ratings for movies, and yesterday it was positioned at no. 10, today it is off the charts completely ... never to appear again ... I imagine! I thought it was doing ok had a higher score (6.7593) rating than some of the other movies in the list ... but oh well it is gone!

Anyway, made a list of groceries this morning using the Sainsbury website. I had to create an account though, and give my zip code ... but from there was able to browse all the goods and the prices. Based on my list my groceries should come up to #18.85 ... hopefully ... but it looks like I want to buy an awful lot, so wonder if I can walk with all that or should I take the bus ... knowing how cheap I am ... I think most likely I would make a trip on Saturday and a trip on Sunday to get all the stuff. I need to get fish, shrimp and vegetables (for lent) - so that is the reason for going to Sainsbury - otherwise I would have stick to the co-op.

Well, Amalia and Ritch are doing Romans for Lent ... I wanted to know what they were doing before I started keep service ... but they didn't reply me in time, so I started Philippians instead ... and I think from there on I will work through the successive letters of Paul. Paul does irritate me though - especially on his views of females - that irritates the heck out of me - and he is so strait-jacketed ...wonder why God even chose him at times ... probably, only someone who is such a stickler for rules and conformation could possibly get the job done ... couldn't really see Peter doing that ... he seems a bit flighty at times. I should have done St. John - do love his book much more - but I think we have tired him out ... I could have done Revelations!!! Yeah ... but won't have a clue what I was reading .. but it is so cool to conjecture what he was thinking. (Wonder if anything I said here so far is blasphemy ... then again God forgives the ignorant??? ... hopefully!!!).

Wrote Pa today and told him I'm coming home for Easter - haven't sorted it out with my supervisors as yet (they don't even know that I want to) - but who cares ... Easter here by myself does not seem like much fun! Plus, I've been here long enough ... I deserve a break (could you imagine the length I'm talking about is 1 month :D ... yup came back on Jan 10th!). Oh well ... wonder what will happen when there is that long period and between Easter and Pa's bday (yup I want to go home then too ... I'm gonna be so poor when I am finished!).

Posted by prejudice at 4:17 PM GMT
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Wednesday, 9 February 2005
Time for fasting!
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Le Jayenge Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
Topic: Lent
Well ... today is Ash Wednesday ... so, got to start my daily night services tonight ... I messaged Ritch this morning to find out what book they were doing ... he said he will tell me later about 4:00 pm. I want to do the same book as they are doing. I hope they have a bible, because I feel as if I took the only one that was home.

I haven't bought any fish as yet, but not sure how fish in this country will be, so bit reluctant to buy any. I plan to go to the Sainsbury and see if there is any fish that look palatable. I'm thinking of buying some shrimp as well ... not sure how expensive that will be. Just used the Tesco pricecheck and it looks as if prawns are selling at #3.99 for 400g. Not sure how much 400g is ... got to use google converter to change it to pounds ... hmm, that's 0.88 pounds ... not bad ... well not bad for the UK I mean ... that's a horrendous price for Trinidad! But need something meaty when making my stir fry vegetables. Hmmm ... wonder how much is olives, used up all mine ... and it does taste so good ... the 340g olives cost about #0.99 in Sainsbury ... hmm ... I wonder if that is the same size I bought in the Lidl for #0.75. I've got to walk down to the Lidl and buy some olives if that is the case ... but it is so far ....

Anyway, got about 45 days to fast from meat (finished all my chicken on Monday!) ... I know they say Lent is 40 days ... but it is a lie!!! Well ... not really, but they don't count holy week ... I think the 40 days is until Palm Sunday or there about. Just set my phone to give me a reminder to keep service ... otherwise ... I think I might have forgot.

Posted by prejudice at 3:15 PM GMT
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