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Photo Album Page 4

My only baby picture (1979)

L to R

Pewa (Jameer), Shazie (Shazad), Baby (Nazifa) and Anesa (I am the baby)

(I lost all my other baby pictures because my brother and use to play a little game with them - and things get lost when you play games with them - my mum weren't very forgiving to us for that!)

Breakfast in house in Ratho Mill, St. Vincent

1990 (10 years)

From Left in a Clockwise direction

Amalia, Mum (Veena), Pa (Azim), Anesa (Me) and Ritchie

(I know my underwear is showing! Isn't Ritchie really small! No wonder I use to beat him up!)

Anesa (Me) at Codrington College in Barbados

(1991 - 11 years)

(The suit I'm wearing use to my 'go-everywhere' suit ie, where ever I went I made sure and wear that suit!)

Amalia and Anesa (Me)  (14 years)

in Cali, Colombia (1993)

(Yep I have a choker around my neck - I thought it was so cool - wore it everyday during that trip!)


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