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Photo album page 10

At the Caribbean Academy of Sciences (CAS) Conference in Paramaribo, Suriname (1999)

From L to R

Amalia and Anesa (ME)

(I forgot my shoes in Guyana and all I brought were those slippers in my feet so I had to wear those to the conference - I even presented my paper with those on!)

In front of the Conference Centre in Paramaribo, Suriname (1999)

From L to R

Ritchie, Anesa (ME), Gary (lecturer) and Amalia

The whole Guyana contingency at the conference

In the back row From L to R

Prof. Verma, Gary, Dr. Velloza, Mr. Sankies


In the second row From L to R

can't remember, Mr. Caesar, Dr. Tiwari, Raymond


In the front row from L to R

Ritchie, Amalia, Anesa (ME), some girls from UK

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