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Photo Album Page 11

My graduation in 1999 at the University of Guyana for my B.Sc

From R to L

Fianna, Anesa (ME), Vishal and some other people!

(Only three girls wore short dresses for their graduation, and it is the three girls in this picture!)

Christmas in our house in Guyana (1999)

Around the sofa from L to R

Amalia, Mum, Pa, and Ritch

Sitting in the chair: Anesa (ME)

(We have a little Christmas tradition where we give out gifts after we have Christmas morning service! This year we decided to do it different - we let everybody give one person all their gifts - sometimes we let one person give out all their gifts)

Christmas in Guyana (1999)

From L to R

Ritchie, Amalia, Mum, Pa and Anesa

(We just finished giving out all our gifts)

(Not the exercising machine in the background - Ritch begged my parent to buy it and promised to use it - he used it about 4 or 5 times and it is now used as a place for resting stuffed toys!)

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