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Photo Album Page 12

On the sand hills along the Linden-Soesdyke highway, 1999 (my favorite place in Guyana)

On top of the hill: Anesa (ME)

Climbing up the hill: Amalia

(Along this highway on both sides there are hills of white sand! It is rather gleaming especially during the day - it resembles snow almost! On the creeks along the highway, there are white sands, but the water is black like Coca-Cola - it is not dirty it is due to the tannins from the trees in the forest - it is actually very clean water!)

On a hill in the Linden bauxite mines (1999)

From L to R

Ritchie and Anesa (ME)

Along the Linden-Soesdyke highway (1999)

From L to R

Amalia, Ritchie and Anesa (ME)

(No we didn't set that fire! There were a lot of forest fires along the highway that year - there was a rather dry spell! We are in front of one of the fires!)

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