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Photo Album Page 13

Anesa (ME) in the living room, Guyana (1999)

(I am wearing part of my go everywhere suit! We were trying to finish that roll of film that morning!)

In the Linden mines of Guyana (2001)

From L to R

Pa and Anesa (ME)

(In the background are the bauxite mine lakes in Linden. When the land was excavated for bauxite, there were no erosion prevention practices during that time, so water filled them up. There are no bathing in these lakes because they may be toxic plus they have deep uneven ground. There are narrow strips of roads between these mines that cave so one has to be very careful when they are driving on these roads!)

Graduation Ball (ME - in the big wine dress!)        (Guyana - 1999)

Held in Hotel Tower, Georgetown

(Just receiving an award - nothing grand - just a piece of paper! My brother chose the dress - well, rather he said that was a good dress - so if you like it/ don't like it - all credit/ blame is on him solely)


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