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Photo Album Page 2

GHS Field Trip to Soufrere volcano (1994)


Back row (left to right)

Anesa (Me), Melissa, Michelle, Tamara


Second Row (L to R)

Anika, Suzanne, can't remember who, Buki, Pamela, Jennifer


First Row (L to R)

Can't remember name, Temora

Ritch birthday party (16 years) 1994

Back row

Ritchie, Tonya, Jason, Marisela (piece), Ronald (piece)

(Ritch is wearing that hat because he had a bad haircut!)


Front Row

Anali, Celeste, Celena, Anika, Anesa (Me), Naveed

After exam party (1994)

Bedroom in St. Vincent

Left to Right

Anesa (Me), Anika, Rosann, Tonya, Melissa


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