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Photo Album page 5

From L to R

Amalia and Anesa (ME)

In Simon Bolivar Park, Caracas, Venezuela (1994) in front of the Simon Bolivar statue

(you guys remember your history I hope!)

(Oh funny story about this place - our hotel was right next to this park - my dear father decided we had to go to El Centro where all the good shopping is suppose to occur. So, we walked about a mile and a half  - or more- until we found the subway and took a train to El Centro. So, out we came and walked around the corner, and there is this park that looks just like the one opposite our hotel. So, my father stood there theorizing that there were maybe duplicated parks in Caracas. Next thing I see is our hotel in the exact place we left it! So, we walked a mile and half - and maybe more - to reach El Centro when we were in El Centro all the time!!)

Anesa (ME) on the Georgetown Sea Wall for a Clean up campaign (1994 - Guyana)

(If you look carefully you will note that I have mud on my pants. My cap accidentally flew away onto the mud flat  - thing behind me -  while I was walking on a pier and I went after it - just didn't realize how deep the mud was! Just a note when it is high tide where I am standing is covered with water - Guyana is under sea level)


From L to R

Etwaru, Pa, Anesa (ME), Amalia, Mum on the Ituni Trail coming back from the Upper Berbice River near Ebini

(1996 - 17 years)

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