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Photo Album Page 6

The Grand Cutting Ceremony of my Hair (1997)

Pa and Anesa (ME)

In the Background Mum and Ritchie (washing the dishes!)

(I just decided one day to cut my hair and Pa said ok let's do it and he started cutting my hair! I think he did that before I changed my mind - he prefers me with short hair I think - so I would get ready faster!)

The Grand Cutting Hair Ceremony Continues

My mum is trying to fix what my father spoiled! He cut it bent!

Anesa (ME) and her avocado tree next to the house in Guyana (1997)

(We found that tree one day outside. My father and I decided to train the tree in its growth - that is why there is a bottle and PVC pipe hanging from it. Note that one of the branches have decided to grow upwards because of our technology - I have a picture just like this with my eyes open but its home!)

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