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Photo Album Page 7

Anesa (ME) in Gulf City Mall Restaurant, Trinidad (1996)

Down for some summer holidays, just my sister and I


Anesa (ME) in Gulf City Mall, Trinidad (1999)

(20 years)

(My sister and I were playing around with the camera - we were pretending that I was the model and she was the photographer - that's why the picture is so bent!)

From L to R

Anesa (ME) and Amalia in a Citrus Field near Quinam Beach, Trinidad (1999)

(We were coming back from Quinam Beach, when my father saw this Citrus field, he wanted to get some idea of the distance between rows, so he got my sister and I to stand at arm length to get some idea in a picture. Amalia borrowed Ritchie's jersey that's why it is looking so big - she doesn't like this picture!)

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