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Photo Album Page 8

L to R

Anesa (ME) and Amalia

Up in Mount St. Benedict (the monastery), Trinidad (1999)

(You see that Cuba beret, my father bought it for me when he went to Cuba. I wore it for about a month straight!)

On a logging trail in Guyana's interior (1999)


From L to R

Pa, Amalia (piece), Mum and Anesa (ME)

(Funny story  - we were looking for the trail to Brazil - my dear father says he could find it. Turns out he took the wrong road and we ended up in a logging trail of Linden. We had to put up corn curls packs etc to put it up on trees so we will know where we turned because you can get really lost back there - note I am still wearing the beret!)

Eid-Ul-Fitr Day in our house in Trinidad (2000)

From L to R

Amalia, Grandpa (paternal), Mum, Pa, Anesa (ME), Grandma (paternal) and Ritchie

(My whole family are Muslims but we are Christians, but we still celebrate Muslim festivals with them!)

(We live out in the country side that's why there is so much trees or bushes behind us)

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