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Photo Album Page 9

In the Bartica Ferry up the Essequibo River in Guyana

From L to R

Anesa and Amalia (2000)

(Essequibo River is the largest river in Guyana. It has hundreds of islands. In the background there are two islands connected by a small bridge. Bartica is a mining town up the Essequibo in Guyana, that can only be reached by boat - the ferry takes five hours!)

In the Suriname Ferry between Guyana and Suriname in the Corentyne river

From L to R

Amalia and Anesa (ME) in 1999

(We were going to Suriname for a conference. Guyana and Suriname are separated by a river, the Corentyne. The Corentyne river is owned by Suriname - although that is still a controversial issue between the two countries!)

(I am wearing my 'go everywhere suit'. This has been my go everywhere suit for a long time and it still is! - I have tonnes of pictures with this suit!)

In the same ferry as above.

From L to R

Anesa (ME) and Amalia (1999)

(Suriname is behind us!)

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