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The Courtship

The opinions of Anesa Hosein being projected at an imaginary age of twenty-five.


This book, I wanted it to be a special one. After starting to write books which I never complete or I lost, I decided if it was good enough it would have never have been lost or incomplete. That is why I'm taking this opportunity to use my literary abilities to produce a different kind of book. I've often admired the works of Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontė, who seems not to focus on bringing out a story but issues in which the character passes through to help the reader to understand the problem. This enables them to learn from the characters decision, either it be wrong or right.

In this book, I want to portray issues not a story, like a paperback. I know it would not be any class as that of Pride and Prejudice or Jane Eyre, but I'm aiming for it. The tale I'm to write about, is fiction with real characters whom I'm acquainted with. I've gone eight or nine years in advance of my life, to see how it would be. I hope not to be prejudiced when related my character or that of my other colleagues, but relate what I really think it would be like. So, let us be on away.