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Excerpts from my Diary

Well, I know some of you might want some juicy things about me, and I really don't mind providing it, but I'll have to do one thing, change the names of some people, so, I'll protect them and myself.  I'll try to get from different dates in my life to show my childhood days sort of thing OK. I'll give my diary in green and I will have some explanations about the event in blue. Ok, let's start:


Saturday: February 3rd, 1990 (10).

Write Chandroutie and school and Omawatie a letter every Saturday from now on.

Chandroutie and Omawatie were my friends in Trinidad. the school I was referring to was the Clarke Road Hindu School in Trinidad. The following note was made under that entry. 20th Feb, 1996.

I did not do this. 09-07-90. 11 years. ***

It must be noted I only kept up acquaintance with Chandroutie, home name Cindy. 20th Feb, 1996.


^ Monday:

Today we got half day in school because Nelson Mandela got free. Feb 12 90 *** (10)

At that time I was attending the Kingstown Preparatory School in St. Vincent. 20th Feb, 1996.


^ Sunday:

Dear diary today is the 26-01-92. I am still living in St. Vincent. I started a new project called leaves, so far I only reached pressing leaves. Today I was counting how much scars still remain in my both legs and feet only about 28 scars still seeable. Yours truly *** (12).

The following note was made on the top of this entry.

I didn't complete the project. 04-02-92. (12) ***

I was quite enthusiastic about projects and always started one as soon I think up an idea. The scars I were counting were due to my quite active days when I was younger and very much adventurous or to coin a cliché "tomboyish". The following song was found on the cover of my diary which I definitely wrote. 20th Feb, 1996.


^ Tuesday:

Dear Diary, today Marisela and I wanted to know how Tonya could like M**** and we got some features out of him , they were his nice personality, big ears, freckles, his staring smile and his green eyes which put together is called ugly. *** (12) 18-02-92.

If I remember quietly that conversation took place on the top floor of the Byron block near our classroom, 2 Mckie in St. Vincent Girls' High School (GHS). 20th Feb, 1996.


Dear Diary I would like to continue from yesterday - at the RPA 50th anniversary, they were serving lunch to everybody who came, it was rice and curry chicken with a very sweet mauby. By the way, Pa went with the van, early in the morning, since he had a field trip, he had to show some CRA visitors some rice plots at Burma and other stuff concerning his work. We came later with the car, we reached there around 12:30pm the opening speeches of the exhibition was due to be made by 1:00pm. When we reached there, Pa was not there as yet. I sat on the front seat all the way down, Mum hit the underneath of the car with a iron pipe which she didn't see when she was driving. By the way the exhibition took place at Bath Primary School. It's a pretty nice school. It has been recently built. The exhibition booths were a bit small and cramped though. Pa was planning to put up a booth but was a bit to busy with the CRA visitors and helping to set up the exhibitions (the ones in Essequibo and Port Mourant, Berbice - we went to this one) and plus he had to go to Trinidad during that same week...............

........ By the way I've been waiting for the longest while for Mummy and them to wake up so, I could go to the bathroom that's why I'm writing on the computer hoping that time would pass by. Oh wait ! I have something else to relate, at the exhibition, well, Pa had to stay on late, and we decided to watch the cultural show, but the music was a bit loud for my ears so, I decided to go out alone, well, then this guy came up to me wearing an earring, well, you could imagine that whatever this guy say, I wouldn't take him on because of that earring. Well, he told me I'm looking lonely, and I said I like to be alone sometimes and I raised my hands in the air a sign of disgust he kept on pestering me for for a little while while I gave him acid answers well, he finally left and he said sorry for bothering you and I said no problem. I felt a little guilty talking to a person like this. Ritchie then came outside to keep me company and then he left. This guy next to me decided to struck up conversation with me, and I thought I would be a little more nicer to him. Well, first of all, he ask me something and I didn't understand one thing he said then I realize he was saying I have a very fancy teeth work. then I started explaining to him all about bracers and what they suppose to do. Well, then he asked me if I was single, or married etc. Now I realize he was getting personal, all the time I thought he was a rather nice person just enjoying conversation. Well, I told him I was single then he asked me if I ever had sexual intercourse, now I was terribly shocked and said no way, I don't believe in such things until after marriage. Well, then he asked me if I ever wanted to get married and I said yes, of course but after I've got my education, now I thing he suspected that I was in high school, so, I clarified by saying I was in UG. Well, he asked me what I was doing there and said Bio, Phys and Chem. Well, he said that he had done a course in electronics, now I wanted to die laughing because I believe I burst his ego, because he thinks I am more educated then him and he's trying to sound important that he done electronics, but what he didn't know that made his impression of himself sink nearly lower. Oh he had asked me my name and I told him, his was Krishna by the way - I hate that name - wouldn't it be ironic if I married someone with than name. Well, then he said something about a person sometimes get desires and asked if I watch TV and I gave a positive answer and was continuing but some people came outside and said later. I believe he brought up term desire, because by mistake my hand touch his when I was trying to lean back against the banister of the step. I had the strong feeling he was going to ask me to do it since he asked me how long I was staying tonight and where I live etc. I realizing such things, explain to him that my whole family was here, my mum, father, brother and sister and was just waiting for my father to come back (Pa was discussing something) by the way this was around 8pm, when I saw Ritchie coming I asked if he would like to be introduce to my brother and I call Ritchie up and introduce them to each other, according to Ritchie later when I related the whole story to Mum, Ritchie & Amalia, Ritchie said the guy was shaking, when Ritchie left the guy ask me if I was psycho and I asked him if he meant mad and he said yes and I was like no - but he must have think I was psycho since I was introducing him to my brother when he had almost made a proposal to me, to do it with him. Well, Pa came then and we went to eat and then we left well, not exactly after that we had to wait about 45 mins for Pa to come and that's when I related the story at first I was relating it to Amalia and then Ritchie and Mummy came, so I continued. Ritchie said if he knew that he would have hit him one cuff, but I told Ritchie don't worry, if things went out of hand I would have given the guy one cuff, but it didn't I was highly amused by the guy tell, you the truth. Then Ritchie met A***, a guy from QC, he was going to UG but he stopped.............1st September, 1996. 7:10pm. Mum and Pa got up during this time, but I wanted to finish this out so that's why I didn't leave as yet.


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