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    Great Anesa's Webpage

    (otherwise know as Prejudice)

The recommended  book for you to read is

The Dilbert Principle
Scott Adams

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Really got to update this ..... but got some new stuff going on in this website which I plan to update.

Well first of all got my more recent photos (just like 6!) at this photo album and I still got the same old photos in the link below. Plus got my research blog (really need to update this one!) going and my personal blog. Pradyot should be proud of me (at least updated two more lines to my webpage)


Hi there!! I guess you're wondering, who on earth is the Great Anesa, well, I'm here to tell you. it's just plain old me Anesa Hosein, who decided why not get a fancy name to start my webpage. Well, actually I created that name quite back when I was around 13, and I was in one of those egotistical stage in one's life, where you're believe you're better than everyone else. Sad to admit, however, I still haven't gotten over the stage but I really don't go around admitting it to everyone, if you get my drift.

Anyway, this page is solely dedicated to me. I said to myself, heck, why not expose my whole entire life on the web.

So, basically what you have underneath is pages linking to my whole life story, plus there are some pages on reports I did and any cool things I found out, you know those sort of things. I lead a pretty strange life you know, for all you know you might decide to make this page your starting page from now on.

Things you just gotta know about me!


Basic Facts  My Reports Excerpts from my Diary
Photo Album My Favorite links My phobias
My BOOKS My Aspirations Lectures - ME30B
My Movie Stars My authoring skills My Family


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