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My favorite links

UG Botany Club

Well, the only reason why this is my favorite site is because I created it!! So go visit it, you might be duly impressed, it is nothing really like this site (OK maybe a little bit), but the great piece is that membership is absolutely free!! And you get to enjoy all about plants, there is really a lot of information on that web page. You know, if you really like to write and so on, you can submit articles to the newsletter, Nature Zone. If you don't feel like visiting them, you can email them at

Well, I've been a bit curious about astrology lately, and this is the best site for that, no kidding. They give you free natal charts, all you have to know is when you were born and where, and if you know the time it will be a great help, but it isn't necessary. They also give you compatibility charts, in case you really want to know about you and somehow, but you got to know that someone's birth date also, in order to get the chart.


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